Romeo and juliet dating and friendship club

On Sunday, August 6 at pm (International Day of Friendship!

) the Camden Public Library will host our very first Speed Dating event! Looking for a date, or a new friend, or a walking buddy?

Such hero-of-the-hour stuff is what showbiz legends are made of.

There is no screening process and the library does not take any responsibility for what happens after the event.

is raunchy and hilarious and the three of us knew almost every line of Murphy’s stand-up routine. This boy started dating someone else—a girl I knew who seemed nice.

But when speaking to The Local, Elena refers to Juliet as if she were a real person, and she’s certainly real enough to the thousands of people who write to her, by hand, every year, seeking advice and guidance.

Photo: Annalisa Conter “She receives letters from all continents, from people of all ages, although she does receive lots of letters from teenagers,” says Elena.


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